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Clairefontaine : 150 years

Paper production is a long tradition in the Meurthe valley, since the first small-scale paper mills were created there in the XVI the century. It is in this favourable environment that Papeteries de Clairefontaine started up in 1858, in the small town of Etival Clairefontaine, situated 90 km from Strasbourg on the banks of the Meurthe. Taking advantage of rags supplied by the local textile industry, Clairefontaine is to become in a few years one of the most important mills of the area. 

In order to complete its offer, in 1880 the company starts to take an interest in envelope production, then in exercise book production.

In 1950, Charles Nusse, took in hand the destinies of the Papeteries. He created the Clairefontaine logo, revolutionized the use of exercise books and backed the company's commitment to a permanent search for the improvement of quality. 

Clairefontaine, today


The three activities : paper, envelopes and exercise books, are still present on the site.

The mill has two paper machines, both 3m40 wide. One of them produces at a speed of 1000 m per minute, which represents 60 km and 15 tonnes of paper each hour. 

Thanks to these constantly modernized machines, Clairefontaine delivers each year to its customers 165 000 tonnes of uncoated woodfree writing and printing papers, which are exclusively "top of the range"  and for office use, offset printing or conversion into articles of stationery 

Three other mills, Papeterie de Mandeure, Everbal et Schut complete the range of products produced by the group with filing, fine arts and papers with a social use :

  • Papeterie de Mandeure
  • Everbal
  • Schut

Les Papeteries de Clairefontaine - Papiers Clairefontaine

Pulp and forest

Papiers Clairefontaine papier provenant de fôrets 100% certifiées

On the other hand, Papeteries de Clairefontaine do not produce their own pulp but buy it on the world market. This allows them to diversify the origins in order to obtain an optimum pulp composition for their papers, for example with long fibres from Scandinavian coniferous trees for resistance and short fibres from Brazilian eucalyptus forests for opacity and printability. 

Clairefontaine uses only pulps from forests which are 100 % certified for their environmental management .

Moreover, its sister company Everbal produces only recycled papers, without deinking nor bleaching, with an exceptional output of 100 kilos of new paper from 106 kilos of waste paper.

The Exacompta Clairefontaine group

Papeteries de Clairefontaine belong to the Exacompta Clairefontaine group. Over the years, the group has filled out by buying and integrating several companies whose activities remain centred in the paper industry .

These different sites are all equipped with sophisticated and ultra modern production means . This family group, which today encompasses 3300 colleagues in 50 companies, is the only one in Europe to be both a paper producer and a paper converter at the same time .

This atypical industrial organisation allows for total control of the branch and guarantees consistent productions, which is essential when marketing top of the range products.bvbv